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  JOD  85
   LEARN ONLINE Self-study

Learn Anytime. Anywhere. Online

Our CyberTeachers® platform is an innovative online, self-study language program that allows participants to learn at their own pace, at their own time, and from anywhere in the world. Your lessons begin with an online survey to determine your level and language needs. A personalized program is then generated to each learner according to job profile and language objectives. The CyberTeachers e-learning platform offers you round-the-clock access to lessons tailored to your specific interests and preferred topics, featuring numerous interactive exercises, a pronunciation trainer, a memorization tool, and much more.

Licenses include:

  • Online audit/placement test to determine starting level and program content
  • 20 personalized e-lessons
  • Numerous interactive exercises
  • 6 CEFR Levels
  • More than 800 training modules; tailored content available for 218 professions and 20 industries
  • Access to E-lesson library for extra lessons, news articles in topic-areas of interest, additional linguistic activities (pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, flash lessons, dictionary
  • Detailed progress reports
  • Access to live language conversation classes
  • For corporate clients, Net Reporting feature includes: 24/7 Access to individual progress charts and overall report
License Duration is 3 months from date of activation.
Licenses will be issued and activated within 2 working days.
  46 Lesson Hours (one class is minimum 2 lesson hours of total 90 minutes)

Private Premium

Price: JOD  1286

  • One-to-one classes
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Lesson changes or cancellation only possible within 24 hour working day notification.
  • Program to be completed in maximum 6 months.
  • Only JOD 27.960 per lesson

Private Classic

Price: JOD  1148

  • One-to-one classes
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Maximum 3 cancellations given 24 hour working day notifications if provided.
  • Program to be completed in maximum 3 months from starting date.
  • Only JOD 24.960 per lesson

Private Compact

Price: JOD  1102

  • One-to-one classes
  • Fixed compact scheduling.
  • No cancellation privileges.
  • Program to be completed in 5 weeks.
  • Only JOD 23.960 per lesson
  JOD  1550
  Select up to 4 weeks

Total Immersion

The Berlitz Total Immersion® is our most intense and effective form of language training that helps you achieve your goals quickly and in record time. This program is ideal for people who prefer to learn quickly or have an urgent need to develop various skills in a language before going on extended overseas missions, business trip or relocating to another country at short notice. A pre-course personalized counseling helps us determine your study plan designed to match your unique learning style and goals. The contents are customized to suit your specific needs and are designed to teach you how to communicate in business and basic social encounters to more complex interactions so you can gain knowledge you can use in your daily life, increasing your confidence when using the language in any situation. Whether you opt for one –week course, a six-week course, or something in between, you are guaranteed the accomplishment of your learning goals.
  • One-to-one classes
  • Full immersion program.
  • Fixed schedule of 12 lesson hours per day that include: team of teachers / double lesson / business lunch with instructor / self-study time.
  • This program is structured to completing one Berlitz level per week.
40+ languages available. Contact us for other languages of interest
Terms & Conditions® for Live or Live-Online classes
  1. Once enrolled, a Berlitz Consultant will contact you to coordinate the preferred schedule.
  2. Lessons are offered in units of 45 minutes each inclusive of a short break with a minimum of 2 lesson hours per class visit.
  3. All courses are non-refundable.
  4. All private classes are taught using the Berlitz Method ®, with native-speaking Berlitz trained instructors.
  5. The investment includes tuition, registration fee and material. Material is available in digital and/or hard copies depending on the language.