Portuguese language learning has gained momentum, especially after the Rio Olympics. The increased demand for Portuguese language has got many wondering what the professional and career benefits for learning Portuguese really are.

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About Portuguese language

Portuguese is the 8th most spoken language in the world, either speaking Brazilian or European Portuguese. While Portugal is a relatively small country, it once ruled a vast empire that expanded all the way to China and Brazil. Brazilian Portuguese is by far the most spoken type of Portuguese language with over 200 million Brazilian Portuguese speakers.

Why learn Portuguese over other languages?

So why has Portuguese language learning become a popular option? Why choose this language over Spanish?

Booming economy

While the type of Portuguese to learn is up to you, many are seeking to learn Brazilian Portuguese due to its booming economy and job growth attracting many international professionals. Brazil is one of five major emerging economies of BRICS bloc which also includes Russia, India, China and South America. International trade is up prompting international companies to set up shop in Brazil, requiring new talent be brought in from all over the world.

Seeking talented professionals

Besides trade and commerce, Brazil has new plans to market the country; in particular, São Paulo has a creative hub attracting global companies and organisations and opening its door to the entertainment industry.

Career wise it is a smart move to learn Portuguese so that you can take advantage of Brazil’s prospering economy and job market. Learning Portuguese will certainly give you the advantage in landing a job there as only 3-4% of Brazilians speak English, making your ability to speak Portuguese a highly-valued asset.

How to learn a language

Study Abroad

Total immersion language courses in a native country are by far the best method to learn the language. Brazil is no doubt one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations for its vast landscape of forests, vibrant culture and tourist hot spots, so there is no shortage of incentive to study in Brazil. However, not everyone has the time or luxury to spend an extended period studying in another country.

Total Immersion group classes

Unless you already know the basics, taking an immersive group course will help you prepare for your eventual arrival to Brazil to enter the job market. While it can be scary to showcase your language talent (or lack of) in front of people, the ability to learn from others truly helps motivate you to pick up the language more easily. Moreover, while learning Portuguese language will certainly be a professional upskill, preparing early by taking an immersive course will excite you about Brazil and all its culture fascinations. Many language classes not only teach you the language, proper pronunciation, and how to read and write, but also about the culture of the native country.

One-on-one lessons

Another option for the truly serious and dedicated professionals and language learners is one-on-one classes with native language speakers and highly trained teachers. If you have the money, go with this option to master Portuguese at your own pace, with one-on-one support to help you to master the language. Learning directly from a native Portuguese speaker one-on-one allows you to practice reading, writing and speaking Portuguese, while also listening to accents which will help you assimilate later on.


In today’s digital world there is an endless amount of online resources that can kick-start your language learning. These are extremely useful; however, you do have to be careful not to lose focus. With online resources, your motivation to learn is the key to your success. Most people pair online learning with group lessons or private lessons to enhance their learning and continue practicing after language sessions are over.

As Brazil takes the global stage, having Portuguese language in your repertoire will certainly make you highly sought after. Get started today. Learn Portuguese language with Berlitz Jordan through a variety of different language training and program solutions to suit your lifestyle, language level and goal.