Study Arabic in Jordan - Petra destination

A recent publication from, NAFSA (Association of International Educators) highlighted many different motivations for studying Arabic overseas many choosing to boost their career opportunities and to gain a better cultural appreciation.

Key motivations for studying Arabic abroad link to the very real benefits of studying a language overseas in general. The skills you learn from studying abroad is immeasurable to opening up new and exciting career opportunities. Employers see candidates who have studied abroad as a person with a willingness to learn, embrace challenges and are able to tackle diverse problems from unique perspectives.

The benefits of language training while studying abroad cannot be underestimated. It is a great opportunity not only to broaden your language skills and life skills but to experience the culture, history and heritage of other parts of the world, with Arabic language increasing in popularity.

You might be reading this article because you have pondered many times where should you go to study Arabic overseas. Many diplomats, UN organizations, NGO, s, military officials, volunteers, business men, students seeking academic credit and professionals found Jordan as the most viable destination.

Why Jordan?

Jordan is considered by many as the main safe hub in the region for learning Arabic. Not only does Jordan have a reputation of security and hospitality, but is also considered as one of the culturally and historically richest places in the world and therefore an ideal destination for those seeking to fulfil their dreams of visiting world renowned natural wonders (such as Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea, UmmQais, Bethany -beyond-Jordan). The immersive nature of study abroad Arabic programs to live locally and talk in Arabic with Jordanians well known for being welcoming and friendly provides a level of authenticity to learning Arabic. The main benefit being if it gets too much, you won’t be all lost as English is a second language for many residents making it everyday communication for travelling, shopping and day-to-day task not too challenging.

Visit Jordan gives has a unique new feature ‘Jordan Cam’ to experience the views of must see places in Jordan.

Turn your language learning into a life experience.

Are you considering studying abroad?

Berlitz Study Abroad programs in Jordan offers a unique experience to learn Arabic while discovering and exploring Jordan. For those who want to add value to their job, upskill or for students seeking an additional academic credit the Berlitz Method® ensures you start speaking Arabic with confidence from the very first lesson. Contact us to learn more about our Arabic Language Program.