Course Outline Contents: a 20 chapters course covering topics: Make a good first impression on a new client; Ask client about their experience; Offer to do something unexpected for a client; Recommend a product or service; Respond to a client complaint; Apologize and explain a company policy Handle a client’s problem; Communicate effectively with client over the phone Provide tech support to a client; Express empathy to a client; Explain customer service etiquette; Help clients purchase the best product or service; Process a refund or an exchange; Take care of a disgruntled client; Respond to an unreasonable client; Respond to client feedback; Interview for a customer service position; Convert Prospects to clients at an industry event; : Optimize use of client communication technology; Develop your team’s cultural competence.

  • Proficiency Level:  Intermediate and Higher Intermediate (CEF A2.3 – B 1.1 or Berlitz Level 4)
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